We got married! It’s been almost three weeks now. I still have to remind myself every once in a while that we’re stuck for life now. And it’s wonderful!

We’ve known for awhile now that we want only each other for the rest of our lives, but now it’s official and legal!


I always pictured my wedding as small and simple. I love to go to other people’s wedding and celebrate them together but I could never see that for myself. All the stress to plan and spend and be the focus of attention. I just wanted it to be personal, the two of us.

Since we moved to Germany in July I wanted to get married right away. It’s the way I was raised and it seemed right. But coming from different countries made the logistics a little more complicated. The paperwork in Germany is a nightmare and the government turns out to be the deciding factor on when you can get married.


Mo had a few friends that recommended getting married in Denmark because of how quick and easy it is. So for January, we made it one of our resolutions to get married this year.

The first thing you find when you google ‘get married in denmark’ is Danish Island Weddings. It’s a small, family run business in Ærøskøbing started by a lady who capitalized on how uncomplicated it is to get married in her country. It’s really very sweet. If you just need it to be fast, they take care of all the paperwork for you. If you want something more elaborate or romantic, they provide the setting, a photographer, a hairdresser, even a car.


So when Mo found that he had a few days off in a row at the end of January we started to plan. And when he asked his mother for his birth certificate, he told her what the plan was. It wasn’t that we were keeping it a big secret, just that we wanted the day for us. But she suggested that we wait a month and go together so she could take care of the baby. Perfect! It also made sense because with a three week advance, we would save 300 Euro. Yay!

A dress

The only thing I really wanted was a new dress. I didn’t want a big wedding dress or a ball gown but I also didn’t want to get married in sweatpants. It felt like we searched forever but wether the time of year or the fact that I don’t know where to shop in Germany, no one seemed to have a dress that was appropriate. A friend had given me a cream colored dress a few months back but it had to be resized and the style really wasn’t what I had in mind.


But, I have a sewing machine! So with a few nights to myself and pinterest for inspiration, I tried to remake the dress. It came down to a week and a half before the wedding and while the dress would cover me, it looked a little frumpy and not what I pictured for my wedding day…..To Be Continuted……