My mother has been a purveyor of health since before I was even born. She’s  always interested in reading new information about how the body responds to different things. She’s a big believer is eating fresh, organic vegetables to maintain your health. My parents try to juice and make smoothies pretty often. Her favorite contribution to a family get together is usually a salad or something that grew out of the ground.


So for my birthday, her present to me from across the Atlantic Ocean, was a month supply of fresh, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables delivered to my door every week. In German they call it an Ökokiste. Öko means organic and kiste means vegetable box.

In the box of vegetables…

With my starter box came fresh whole milk, two loaf to just baked whole grain bread and locally make cheese. And it was all delicious! This was my inspiration for the next week to make 2 different carrot soups and freeze half of them for December after the baby is born. It inspired me to find a use for leeks which I had no real idea about.

What we made…

I ended up making a spinach puff pastry with feta and pine nuts, leeks and onions which got a second request the next week.


Thes next week I tried baking bread which I tried a few years ago and never really worked. This one came out ok but was a little bland. We’ll work on it…

Mo and I made the potatoes into wedges and froze them for future use and turned the others into soup.

We used the tomatoes and lettuce for wraps and salads for awhile.

Although, I usually don’t drink a lot of milk, this stuff was so fresh I think it had just been milked out of a happy cow that morning.


The man bringing it to my door was so cheerful and it was such a positive experience I feel like he must only eat fresh, local grown, pesticide free produce as well. The next week taylored my box to fit my more likely needs. We got more apples, potatoes, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, even a bag of peanuts for fun and the cheese because it was just so delicious. Maybe I’ve been sheltered my whole life but I don’t think America has a handle on what good cheese really means. Sometimes I feel like Heidi here with my bread and cheese breakfast.


Overall, I’d say my review of the organic box is wholly positive!

Home delivered vegetables is becoming more and more popular these days as people want to know where their food is coming from. Here are a few links to other delivery farms in the states.

This one delivers to a larger area if you can’t find any local in your area.

Be on the look out for one near you and give it a try!