Last month my best friend came to visit us which I was so excited about. Of course we wanted to see some attractions in the area and not just stay home…that’s the whole point of traveling! So we decided to go to Berlin for a few days.

berlin reichstag

Finding a place to stay with babies.

Traveling gets a little (read: a lot) more complicated when you throw babies in the mix. It’s about a 2 hour drive to Berlin so not too much drama for the babies. But we needed a place to stay that would accommodate all of us.

We had some qualifications. At least two room so the babies could take naps when they needed and not be disturbed or disturb anyone else. It should be somewhere close to the city center where it wasn’t too difficult to get to the main attractions and waste time driving in and out all the time. Again, not as easy when you’re always buckling and unbuckling everyone.

sleeping strawberry

Our first Airbnb experience.

Knowing how hard it would be to contain a 2 year old and a baby in a single hotel room and keep her entertained for 4 days and nights we decided to try out Airbnb! If you don’t know what that is let me explain. People rent out their houses, rooms or even just beds to guests for a fee. It’s a great way for people to make up the rent, if they need a little extra income etc. Some people enjoy interacting with their guests while other’s rent out their places while they are gone and only communicate online.


For the guests it’s nice because, it’s usually much cheaper than a hotel and more cozy with a homey feel. All the accommodations of a home away from home. For us, we probably paid a third of the price it would have been for 2 hotel rooms in a shabby area. It’s also nice to be able to experience a place as if you were a local instead of a tourist.

You can do a filtered search on the site depending on the number of people you have, how many beds and rooms you need, the neighborhood, accessibility to public transport, kitchen appliances, internet, etc.

airbnb filter

People leave reviews of the hosts and the guests so you have a little idea of what you’ll be getting based on someone else experience.

We contacted 2 different people at first. The rooms looked amazing and clean but might have been a little small for all five of us. Anyway, as the days got closer we reached out to one last opportunity. The place didn’t look as hotel in the pictures but it was in a central location and had enough beds for all of us. The host responded right away and we agreed the apartment would suit us well with the kids.

When we got there, the owners weren’t there but had a friend let us in and give us all the information we needed. She was super friendly and made sure we were comfortable before she gave us our privacy while letting us know we could contact her with any problems during our stay.


The apartment that was made for us.

The apartment was much bigger then we realized from the pictures. There was even a child’s room with toys! They had an info sheet to clue us in to the local restaurants, grocery stores and other places we might need to find. They left condiments and a few food items for us to use as we needed.

kids room

We felt very welcomed from the beginning. We discovered the apartment was owned by a up cycling designer. Everything had a very vintage feel but really cool at the same time.

living room

It ended up to be the perfect fit for us. Emila had her own space with plenty of new toys to keep her occupied. There was a pull out bed in her room so we ended up all staying in there. A small home made bed ended up being perfect for Olivia. On top of that there was a master bedroom and two large couches in the living room for sleeping.


To sum it up.

In the beginning I might have been a little skeptical of the process. I like my privacy and cleanliness. But our hosts were so nice and it was a genuinely good experience. I would definitely do it again. Perfect for families and people trying to save a few extra bucks for their holidays!


Trying out Airbnb for yourself

If you would consider this for your next excursion, look at this page. If you sign up under my recommendation you can get €31 or currency of your country credited to your account! That’s pretty much half a night’s stay at a reasonable place depending on the season! And unlike Couch Surfing or something, with Airbnb you are paying for where you stay so I feel more of a standard and security.

This might be our best discovery as people who dream about seeing the world one corner at a time!