The Thankful Tree


One idea I’ve always really liked for Thanksgiving is a Thankful tree. A place to think about what makes you thankful and hang it up in a pretty way.

Of course, this is the time of year when we should think about our blessing. But beyond that, we are told to be thankful for everything. That means the things we consider good and also bad. God’s view over our lives is complete while we only see a small piece at a time. So we need to trust His plan for us and be thankful.

This tree is a version of a thankful tree, but it comes with verses that all mention being thankful to God. Not just that we should be thankful but that there is someone who deserves our thanks. Not some blind entity or vast cosmic void but a loving, caring God who takes note of our lives because He created them and wants the very best for us.

thankful tree

The Giving Thanks Tree

So on that note, here is a basic ‘Giving Thanks Tree’. Made from sticks in the backyard stuck in a tall vase and cut out colorful leaves with printed verses. They are made to write your thanksgiving on the back which I think we’ll do in the next days. I skewered the stems and tied them with string. I’m pretty happy with their placement right now.

verses of thanksgivingverses of thanksgiving

As I’m the only American around to celebrate next Thursday and Mo is working in the morning, I think Thanksgiving will be a quiet day. Last year we ate lasagna but I have only slightly higher hopes of a more traditional meal. These days, exhaustion is my first, middle and last name.

How ever we end up celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope we don’t forget what it’s really about and give thanks to the only one who ever deserves it.

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