Babies are hard work.

And no matter how many times people try to tell you that, you will never fully or really even partially grasp that fact until you’re in the thick. This is no 9 to 5 job with an early out for retirement. This is a lifetime commitment from the day you take the test. But really if I say this to you and you already have kids then, you know what I mean. And if you don’t, then words will not be able to describe the experience. 🙂

sick day

(This is what a sick baby day looks like here, complete with Barney and a patriotic headband.)

The other night was not easy.

Emila has been on and off with a cough for a while now. In the beginning she had a fever and was really sick for a week or so. She also popped out two molars in that time. Then about a week and a half later, another molar on the top. And now, the fourth one is coming in less than a month!

That combined with hanging out with all the kids at kindergarten set her immune system wonky and she was up coughing all night. The coughing was so much that we put her in our bed even though we’ve been trying to reset the habit of sleeping in her crib after all these weeks. Not long after we made that concession, her coughing triggered a puke session that covered her sleep bag, her pj’s, her onesie, the blankets, the pillows and me. Since we were all wide awake at this point, I changed the whole bed while Mo changed Emila and we started fresh with a towel under her head, ‘just in case.’

There was no real sleep going on for anyone since the coughing never ended. We used every remedy in the book, gave her cough syrup, chest rub, a rest easy supplement. Nothing helped. At one point I looked over at Mo and said, ‘Make sure the towel is under her head if she throws up again.’ 10 seconds later, round two, all over everything I’d just changed plus Mo this time. Sigh. This continued for a few hours.

Garlic is good for everything

At one point, I made this garlic concoction I’d discovered a few weeks before to put on her feet since everyone was so awake anyway. And that seemed to help a little bit. But she had been crying so hard she made her stomach hurt. I went in the living room for two minutes to try to collect myself and then back to the two of them. I found the oil to rub on her stomach for pain and gave her a small massage. At this point it was 3 in the morning. So  we all three were in the living room with the ‘German Television’ on to try to distract us. Emila and I cozied on the cough and she tried to get comfortable while I put some pressure on her stomach.

Eventually, she settled down. She was facing me and playing with my hair. And then, in the middle of the night after so much struggle for peace, she kissed me on the nose. It was so beautiful and I melted a little bit. That one moment of peace was so worth all the struggle with my sick baby. And the rest of the days that don’t go so well. God knows what we need and His encouragement is amazing.

When days are hard and nothing seems to go right, when I feel like a failure and that everyone else is doing my job better than me, it’s these little moments that make the daily routine worth it. She is my baby. She is my gift. And it’s so worth it.

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