A four letter test could save your relationships


Figuring out your personality type based on this four letter test can give you insight into the way your brain works and as a result could potentially help your relationships.

People and their personality types. It defines a lot in our relationships. When we are around people who feel and respond differently to a situation than we do, it can often be that confusion arises and feelings get hurt. As a result, people are pushed away when they should be brought close.

four letter test to save your relationship

No two people are exactly alike which means that conflict is inevitable. It’s hard to see sometimes but that’s what’s so beautiful about this world. We are all created with different qualities that make us unique but our biggest similarity draws us closer. We are humans with souls, created by God to love and be loved. How valuable is a human life? Worth more than you can ever imagine.

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I’m preaching to myself as I write this. Too often, I look at what I feel others have done to me instead of taking ownership of my role. I see only my perspective and forget to see the experiences, thoughts and opinions that have shaped them into this unique person. A person who is loved by God and consequently should be loved by me.

If you look into the psychology of personality types, you’ll come across many different theories. One take is the Myers-Briggs test, a four letter test that helps you define your personality and realize why you are the way you are.

myers-briggs four letter test to save your relationships

There are 16 options indicated by your four letter type. I thought I was an INFP but after taking the test at 16 personalities, found I am closest to an ISFJ.

Maybe by defining our personality and those of the people around us, our awareness will grow into empathy and understanding.

four letter test to save your relationship

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