Quick and easy teepee for kids


Olivia had her first birthday the other day. The fact is that I didn’t think too much about her birthday until two days before just because life’s been so busy. But when I was looking up some party decorations, I was inspired!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these teepee’s or tents but didn’t know where to find the supplies in Germany.
A few weeks ago we had a party for my sister and threw together a ‘photo booth backdrop’ made out of PVC  pipe and shower curtains. So now we had all this pipe and nothing to do with it. Aha!


So in a few hours we collectively whipped up a teepee. Here’s how:

We measured the size we thought would be not to big for the room but not to small that the girls would knock it over easily. We decided a four leg teepee would be best for stability but not to complicated.

Dad and Mo cut 64 inch pieces and drilled 2 holes 8 inches from the top.


  • The pieces ended up like a triangle with the top tip cut straight off.


  • I cut three pieces the whole size of the triangle. The fourth side was easy enough to have the slit because I already had to angled pieces that would make up the whole. They just happened to have a hem where they met so I left it.  I sewed those two front pieces together until about half way down.


  • Then I cut four inches strips that would go the 54” length. I folded the fabric up several times to make cutting straighter and faster.


  • Then I pinned and sewed those 5 pieces together with right sides together. Next, I sewed the strips down the four corner seams leaving a pocket to side the pipes through.


  • We put these rubberized feet on the bottoms of the pipe to keep them from sliding around too much. It was a little tough getting them on at first but I used a screw driver as a wedge. Use this method with care, not that you slip accidentally! Once they were around the edge, we used a hammer to push them all the way down.


  • I slipped the pipes through the fabric, threaded the pipes with twine and wrapped them together at the proper angle.

If I had more time, I was thinking to paint the pipes and hem the edges but I if you’re looking for a quick project, I don’t think the kids really cared.


Let them have at it!


It might have been Olivia’s birthday but she had to wait for Emila’s nap time to have some time to herself with her teepee.

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