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happy one yearhappy one year

Celebrating one year!

We celebrated our year anniversary last month and of course I had a plan that I wanted to make it special in my head. I usually have that idea but it rarely turns out the way I want. Usually because time runs out. But I’m lucky that Valentines Day comes 10 days before our anniversary so if I miss out on one I still have time to make the other. So, I was thinking a few weeks in advance and looking on Pinterest for my go-to inspiration. The one year gift is supposed to be paper. So I thought maybe a paper book that tracked our relationship so far would be nice.

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‘Paper’ gift from Shutterfly

When Emila was born, my aunt gave us a Shutterfly gift card which was the coolest present. I took so many pictures in the beginning that I had a full book by the time she was 3 months. I’m glad I took the time to make it then because life has really been too busy since and my plan of another book every few months or at least every year has disappeared. But that’s ok because it made it even more special to document ‘Us’ for this occasion!


It took me a whole morning to collect the right pictures and arrange them the way I wanted. I could have taken longer and ‘perfected’ it but Mo came home from work and I had to hide my project. There are a few mistakes like a quote picture I put in twice and one spelling mistake but overall it turned out really nice.


I started the book out with the beginning of our time in Dublin together and made a separate page for each place we’ve been. Belfast, Philly, New York City, Leipzig, Malta. There  was a page for Emila’s birth and year until her first birthday. There was a page for the whole family although Olivia gets a little shorted since I didn’t have that many pictures of her until then. I guess the second child never gets the same attention to documenting every moment like the first.



I had talked to my cousin a few months before about ordering a canvas picture from one of those websites like Shutterfly but that it was too expensive at the moment. She suggested that I check out Groupon because they always have offers. After I made my book online and before paying I checked it out and bought a coupon for a free 20 page book with hard cover for $9.99. All that was left was to pay for shipping. I was happily surprised that they ship to Germany even though they are produced in North Carolina. Shipping would have been another 7 or 8 dollars but thankfully I still had credit on my account. It ended up being free! They said it would arrive in 2-3 weeks which was perfect timing for our anniversary.


Giving the Gift!

The book arrived at the post a few days before our anniversary and Mo picked it up while he was working. I told him he couldn’t open it or guess what it was but I guess it wasn’t disguised that well.


He opened this along with a bag of Haribo and a letter I wrote about our year of being married. I think I hit the mark this time…especially with the Gummi bears.


The book is really special because so many people can enjoy and it lasts a long time. Even Emila can appreciate her book now although she thinks all the pictures of the little baby are Olivia. 


Celebrating the day!

So the morning of our anniversary, we went to the city after dropping Emila off at kindergarten. We ate in the MDR tower with a view over the city. Fancy!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.23.44 PM

We had coffee at Cafe Waldi and dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant while Mo’s mom watched the girls. Pretty much we ate all day. And it was delicious!



Overall, it was a pretty good first anniversary although I hope Mo doesn’t expect anything too grand for next year. I might be all played out. Maybe we’ll just do paper again…


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    • Isabelle Stone
    • March 24, 2016

    Nice way to celebrate #1. The album is really sweet. Great idea.

    • Isabelle Stone
    • March 24, 2016

    Nice way to celebrate #1. The album is really sweet. Great idea.

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