So this is sort of a bucket list but more of a making memories list.
These aren’t so much my ‘life goals’ as just things I think would make for fun experiences and it would be cool to make memories with my people.
Some form of this list has been hanging around since I was probably 15 and looking back, I have checked quite a few items off. As life moves on, my ideals are changing and my list is growing. I’m hoping to document these as they happen and report back.


  • Get Engaged
  • Get Married
  • Celebrate marriage with family someday
  • Start a family
    • Raise kind and compassionate kids
  • Have a traditional Christmas Eve with fireplace and reading the Christmas story under the tree with hot cocoa.
    • Sew Christmas pajama’s for the whole family.
  • Cut down and decorate a real Christmas Tree again with my family
  • Go through the Jesse tree (celebrate advent) with my kids
  • Make a blanket fort with kids and sleep there overnight
  • RV road trip with the whole family.
  • Build a tree house
  • Picnic in the park
  • Drive in movie
  • Check out the stars from a blanket filled truck bed.
  • Make plaster handprints to remember how small they are.


  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Travel the world with someone I love
  • Move to a different country.
  • Climb to the top of a mountain.
  • Ride a tandem
  • Hot air ballon
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Take beautiful pictures in the falling leaves


  • Go to New York often
    • Stay overnight in Manhattan
    • Go to a Broadway show
    • Stroll through Central Park
    • Eat at the restaurant Serendipity (from the movie)
    • View NY from the Empire State Building
    • Christmas and snow at the tree in Rockefeller Center
  • Find something special in all 50 states.
    • Take a picture with the Grand Canyon
    • Go to Boston in the fall
  • Go back to Paris with the one I love
    • Visit the Eiffel tower
    • Put a lock on the love bridge.
  • Amsterdam
  • Go to Ireland
    • Sing Galway Girl in Galway
  • Live in Lancasterred-phone-booth
  • Go to London
    • Buckingham Palace
    • Westminster Abbey
    • Beetles crossing
    • Photo op in a red phone booth
    • Big Ben
    • London Bridge
  • Go to Scotland
    • Research my ancestors
    • See the Loch Ness Monster
  • Spend at least a month traveling through Italy
    • Ride in a gondola
    • Tuscany
    • Rome and the Colosseums
  • Discover the history of Berlin


  • Live in a cottage by the sea
  • Live in a cabin in the mountains
  • Fix up a fixer upper
  • Live in a house with an excellent kitchen view
  • Live in a houseboat
  • White Picket Fence and all the cliche that comes with it


  • Really Learn Piano
  • Learn German well enough that I can hold a conversation with my relatives.
  • Write and publish a book
  • Grow a garden that produces food all season.
  • Be able to do firefly pose well
  • Run a 5k
  • Become a better ‘picture taker’
  • Learn to cook with confidence


  • Take a picture a day for a year
  • Start a blog and make it work
  • Volunteer in another country
  • Accomplish a thankfulness challenge
  • Run a coffee shop/bookstore
  • Have a small business selling hand sewn by me things
 What kind of things do you have on your bucket list?