Berlin has a huge history and a sometimes sad one. Known for their years of division with a wall and split by Communism they’ve had less time than most European capitals to make a name for themselves as a touristic hotspot. Nonetheless, they’ve done a pretty good job!

Berlin is known more for it’s night life but that doesn’t rule it out as a fun family destination! This is the third time we’ve gone as a family and each time we discover more and come to love it better.

  • For one, Berlin has tons of playgrounds and parks.

    • You can barely turn a corner without stumbling upon another one. And they’re really cute! One morning the girls went out with Mo for a bit so I could get some work done and ended up at Friedrichshain park with quite a few playgrounds. I think they played in the sand every day. Olivia is new to sand but she loves it! I don’t think she’s ever been as dirty as on this trip.playgrounds
  • There are tons of places to eat outside so the kids don’t get so ramie including some beautiful biergartens.

    • We even ended up at this sweet Spanish restaurant Alois S. in Prenzlauerberg with another playground. The tables were literally right next to the sand so you could eat while they dug around with shovels and swung on the swings.russian park
  • We walked the Soviet Memorial Treptow one morning for a bit of history.

    • It was built to remember the Russian soldiers who died to free Berlin from the Nazi’s. Definitely shows you what an impact your background and home country has on your perspective.tierpark
  • One afternoon we tried to get to the Tiergarten Park but accidentally ended up at the TierPark.

    • We didn’t mind because it was like a zoo and the girls loved it! You can get pretty close to some of the animals with just a stream or a low fence between you. We stayed there for hours and jumped in the fountain when it got a little hot.  Olivia even fed a llama!tierpark-2
  • On Saturday morning, we went for brunch on this street known for brunching.

    • We ate outside again because the weather was beautiful. girls
  • Afterward, we walked through an outside farmers market a block away.

    •  They had sweet crafty things, homemade food and flowers. I loved it and the girls did too! It almost feels like your in a movie with everyone in their market clothes. Hippie, granola people and chic, proper people with their smart shoes and casual dresses. I could get used to it!market
  • Plus the ice cream.

    • We can’t get through an afternoon without Emila asking for ice cream these days (although I promise we don’t always indulge.) But on this one really hot day we were in Alexander Platz which was beautiful even with all the people playing Pokémon Go on the lawn.alexander platzWhen the girls woke up from their naps we cooled off in this restaurant where the walls opened to the outside. A scoop of vanilla for Emila and a glass of iced coffee for me hit the spot. (BTW iced coffee over here is definitely dessert. It comes with ice cream and real whipped cream on top. So yummy!)ice cream
  • This trip we stayed in a friends one room efficiency apartment which could have been very interesting at bedtime.

    • But the girls were great! They slept in the same bed and loved it. They even held hands through the night and woke up laughing at each other. We have also had our experience with airbnb in a very family friendly apartment. Finding the perfect place is possible if you look for it.

To sum it up, we had an awesome weekend in Berlin. It was so refreshing just to see somethings outside the ordinary and I think every mini vacation we have bonds us closer as a family.

We're still working on the family picture thing
We’re still working on the family picture thing.