How to get up early

tips on how to get up early

We’ve been trying to get up early in the morning to jump start our days and be more productive. It’s kind of like a New Year’s resolution but we’re coming into it slowly.

The problem is, that every night we go to bed with the best intentions and ready for a fresh start…and then the alarm clock rings…and the snooze button gets pushed…and then it’s rush, rush time to get Emila off the kindergarten because two hours have passed.

So I decided to collect some tips to help you get up early and share them here to motive myself to put them into practice.

Tips to get up early:

1. Prepare for the morning. Pick out clothes the night before. Have the coffee ready and the kitchen tidy. Make your to-do-list before you go to bed.

2. Set a Bedtime. You should know how much sleep you require to function and backtrack from there.

3. Get excited. Find something that motivates you to look forward to the next day.

4. Say no to snooze.  Put your alarm clock across the room if you have to so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

5. Make a list. At the end of the day make a done list rather than a to-do list so you feel accomplished and can see your progress through the day.

6. Open the Curtains. Seeing the sunshine (or at least the outside world) will help your body to wake up.

7. Drink cold water. Water gives you energy and replenishes you after a night of rest.

8. Eat breakfast. Again, this gives you energy to jump start your body and brain.

9. Get blood flowing. Go outside in the fresh air. Walk or jog for at least ten minutes.

10. Turn off you phone. 30 minutes before going to sleep, tun off all electronics to let your brain come down. Read a book instead!

11. Pray. Getting on a personal level with God first thing in the morning will set your steps in the right direction.

give me jesus

This is my new favorite song especially as I’m realizing these days, with these long, baby filled days, that I can’t do anything on my own. In every moment, give me Jesus…but especially in the morning right now! We’ll see how this next week goes but hopefully with these hints in mind, we’ll be making progress soon.

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