So here’s the garlic salve concoction that really seems to work. It’s best if reapplied every few hours and you will notice a difference!

garlic salve

Ingredients for Garlic Salve:

a few cloves of garlic pressed or chopped small

a carrier oil


Mix together and put on baby feet, especially around the toes. Cover with socks and reapply every few hours. You can put it on the back and chest too if you don’t mind the whole house smelling like garlic.

It says to blend 8 cloves of garlic but my blender doesn’t reach the garlic at the bottom so I just put it through the garlic press. I also used coconut oil in my first batch but ran out so the second was with olive oil. It’s also recommending to use lavender but all I had on hand was ‘Gentle Baby’ from Young Living which has lavender in it so I thought it was a good compromise. You can see all the original components and be inventive. The important thing is that it works!

Just make sure your ratio of oil to garlic is enough that you don’t burn the feet of your little one’s. If you use 8 cloves, the suggestion is 1/3 of a cup of oil. If less, then you can calculate. But garlic is super powerful!

If you make a lot, you can cover it and refrigerate it for a little while. I ended up making enough for about half a day and perfecting my process the second time. And that was enough to make a huge difference!