DIY wall art

diy wall art

So we’ve been in this house for a while now and lacking decorations. Most of whatever I collected from thrift shops over the years has been left in the States so we have big, blank walls full of potential. I’ve definitely had a few ideas here and there but not the resources to make it happen. Enter, DIY wall art

The other night I finally took a small step. This is one of my favorite quotes from the song “Home” by Edward Sharp and the Magnificent Zeros.

home is wherever i'm with you

I had an evening to myself when Mo had to work overnight so I hung out in the kitchen with Netflix and some paint.


I don’t know but I think painting is very therapeutic. Something about changing a blank canvas and making it your own. Of course I’m not that creative so I took examples of lettering off of Pinterest. 🙂

paint brush

And I don’t think it ever turns out exactly like you plan. I started with one color and ended up somewhere completely different. Also, I was out of red paint so that shot my dream of pink flowers down.


We did one of those paint nights two summers ago and everyone loved it. It’s amazing how one idea can look so different coming out of everyone’s different imaginations and creative skills.

home is wherever i'm with you

Tada! No more blank wall with this DIY wall art!





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