In this world there is often so much hate and fear of the unknown.

We don’t understand why something happens or the reason why people are the way they are. There is so much media these days that makes us feel a certain way about a place or people without actually finding information for ourselves. That’s why we’re embarking on ‘The Culture Expedition.’


I know personally that before I meet my husband I didn’t know much (anything) about Yemen and I didn’t necessarily want to. But over the years we’ve been together, I’ve seen small glimpses into the country from his family’s memories and pictures. I pay attention when the name is mentioned.

God calls us to love one another as He loves us. That doesn’t just mean the people in your family or your closest friends. It means everyone. Your neighbors. People that annoy you. Those you don’t know or understand. People coming from other cultures and backgrounds. Those that do things you don’t agree with or that are opposed to your faith.

In this time when refugees are settling into Germany by the droves, culture shock is obvious from both sides. Instead of putting up walls that divide us, maybe we can recognize what makes us similar and build bridges of understanding and influence.

We are starting a information and discovery project to learn more about other cultures for ourselves.

We are hoping to open our eyes to the difference and similarities of people around us. Each week we hope to focus on a different country or culture. Our focus will be on cooking/eating traditional food and discovering what makes each country lovely. We’re hoping to get a few first hand perspectives as well.


Each week we hope to make several dishes from the chosen country and do some investigation to find what makes the country and the people lovely.

We’ll be starting with Yemen as we have an obvious connection and just because I’d really like to learn more for myself and explore what I’ve heard to be considered the most interesting country in appearance in the world.


We want our girls to grow up with a curiosity that turns into a love for others. But, we don’t want to keep this for just us! If you join us in our journey, we hope that we can show you some amazing things you never knew about some beautiful places and people!