Birthday Girl!

birthday girl

Emila turns one!

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since this little girl entered our life and changed it forever. I really wanted to commemorate today, not for her as she has no idea of the significance yet and can’t fully appreciate a party, but for us and the accomplishment of making it through one of the most challenging yet best years of our lives.

We had a small celebration, just the close family came but we tried to make it a little special.


I planned to try to make an ombre cake with rose decorations. This was one of my first tries at a cake from scratch and the language difference and lack of American ingredients made it a little harder than expected. None the less, we did manage a pink, 3 layer, vanilla cake. And the bunting banner was almost just a I pictured it.



We picked up a few decorations while we were in the city, the main one being the fluffy  pink tissue paper balls that hung from the ceiling. I cut out circles of construction paper and hung them in a row with string from the ceiling to spice it up a little more.



I really wanted to do a one year off the cuff photo shoot with Emila but time just flies when you have a one year old and we have yet to make that happen. But we did pull together  a quick bio of her current status in the world with a pink sign and white painted lettering. I had to convert the statistics to centimeters and kilograms for all our European relatives. But I left the date in standard American month, day year format. 🙂



One thing that I worked on a bit in the week before the party was to collect some of my favorite pictures of Emila over the year. It was hard to pick and in the end I had too many but that’s ok. 🙂 I put them all through and used the polaroid option. We had them printed at the drug store and strung them up with tiny clothes pins.


Mama, Papa and Emila got dressed up for the occasion.


The best part of the day for Emila was helping decorate. She definitely knew something was going on though and she was too excited to take a nap.


By the time the party got underway, she was pretty exhausted…She enjoyed all the company but couldn’t really smile to much for the pictures.


The food was last minute and taken care of by papa. He did an excellent job! We had veggies and hummus and baked veggie sticks in the oven. There was cheese and bread and a nice wine to toast the birthday girl.

Overall, I’d say it was a success even if the birthday girl was in bed by 7:30. It was a great way to remember a special day with people that matter to us and Emila. The next day she got to open her presents from America and skype with mom-mom and pop-pop. Though she looks confused here, I can promise she loves her stacking boxes and plays with them daily.




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