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Hi, I’m Kari and I’m so glad you found this page!

A Few Lovely Things is my place to talk about life as a newer wife and mom balancing life between two continents and trying to see beauty in the details. We want to document our journey here and have you join in on the ride!

Here’s a little info about me and my family.


I met my husband in Dublin as we were both volunteering for a year working with people with disabilities. We come from very different backgrounds but have a few key similarities that brought us together. It’s been an interesting few years with a lot of twisting turns and surprises. But it’s amazing! He is my best friend and each day we are trying to grow closer to each other as we grow closer to God.


We have two girls we love to pieces; Emila is 2 1/2 and Olivia is almost a year. It’s so sweet to see what completely different little people they are even from such a young age. Each day is something fresh with new challenges. They bring so much joy to our lives. Like every other beginner parent, we are starting from scratch and making many mistakes along the way. But we are thankful for grace and hope to become the examples they need us to be.


Currently we are an international family trying to split our time with those we love the most in the States and Germany. Flexibility is key to this goal! We are highly fortunate to both have wonderful families that encourage us further in life. This page is a part of that goal!


This is my family! They are sweet and funny and imperfect and all mine! I love them so much and am so happy to do this life with them.

To get a little, fun taste of who we are, check out my memory maker list. It’s just a check list of evolving, lovely goals we’d like to accomplish if ever the opportunity arises.

One of our current projects is the Culture Expedition. This is our place to learn more about the world, country by country and attempt to recreate a sampling of their food in order to really take it in. So far it’s been really interesting and at time challenging. But I’m so fascinated by the lovely things these places and people have to offer that I never knew about. The Culture Expedition is another way for us to ‘travel’ the world right from home.

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