390 questions that will change your world

360 questions

There is a study that says mother’s are asked more questions than anyone in the world, even over political leaders.

For kids between the age of 2 and 10, the average is 23 questions an hour. 4 year old girls are the most inquisitive with 390 questions a day! With two girls, I have so much to look forward to!Emila1

I feel like we’ve definitely started on this phase. Emila’s favorite question is where. ‘Where is Olivia?,’ even though she’s looking directly at her. A close second is ‘Oh! What’s that?’ Since we’ve been having the street outside our house dug up and put back for the last few months, every tractor noise or saw or whatever they have going on, has been questioned.

emila2It really gives me a fresh perspective. All the details in life that I take for granted are now brought into primary focus. Every noise of an airplane, ‘helicoper’, big truck, or bird. Each little red bug, when there are millions crawling in the cracks of this old house. Every sprouted dandelion that can be blown or shaken away. olivia1 And even if she can’t question with words, Olivia is right there too. She’s constantly exploring, rolling to check out something new. Grabbing and tasting everything.olivia2

Little wonders are all around us.

This might be common knowledge but experiencing it for myself has been eye opening. God gives us babies to remind us of the little wonders that are all around us. Their little growing minds are seeing all this for the first time and to them, it’s awesome! All these senses we take for granted after years of tuning out the details, they make this world more interesting. We can get so caught up in the end goal, we miss the simple pleasures.

Every day, even if we’re in the midst of the terrible two’s, I stop and cherish the little moments. I’m so sad these years are flying so quickly. I can only try to take snapshot moments for my brains memory book.


Or what might be more appropriate in this case.stop-and-blow-on-the-dandelions

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