A Walk Through Leipzig

This last week has been so busy with work and getting back to normal life. I don’t think the wedding has fully settled into our brain yet. So, today we decided to go for a little walk through Leipzig to clear our heads and get a fresh perspective.

We first went to the kindergarden that is a five minute walk from the house to apply for Emila for the fall. It’s such a crazy idea to me, but in Germany kids start in kindergarten when they are just a year old up until school age. They seemed very  nice there although they were speaking in German so I only caught a few words here and there. But they smiled a lot. 🙂 The plan is that when Emila goes to kindergarden, I will have time to take German classes consistently.


(I love her smiley face here even while she’s teething this week. )

On the walk home we saw this old building that looked interesting to me so we stopped to take some pictures.


We were trying to picture what it would be back in the day. Leipzig is full of history. The city is 1,000 years this year and has seen a lot. Especially in the last hundred years with the wars and the DDR (German Democratic Republic). A lot of places were bombed at different points.


Mo pictures this building and the area around it as Nazi time. I was just curious about the toilets out front. I guess they are renovating.



And then we found these wooden people were just sitting in the window observing the courtyard. Interesting.


The final view, with a blank wooden sign leaves me with no more information then when we started but I think it’s more fun so I can use my imagination.


Also, this.


On the way home it started to look dreary but I still wanted to look in at the gardens. I think it’s such a novel concept. All these people in the city with no land can buy a plot. Some have little houses where they have cook outs in the summer or stay over for a night. This one has a little green house too.


Germans who tell you how open they are.

On the way out, this older German lady stopped to talk with us. Again, I didn’t understand much of what she said but she seemed nice to me. After, Mo told me her first question was if we all belonged together because Emila, who was on his shoulders, didn’t look related to him. He told her, she was a nice mix of blonde American and brown Yemeni. They had a few minutes of conversation. She told him about how open she is because her and her husband who works in the hospital once invited a medical student from Ghana to their house for lunch. Funny! 🙂


And here is Emila. She is so excited for her own independence and is just waiting for the day when she can stand and walk all on her own. It’s coming soon, but I prefer to keep her small for now.


In the middle of two freshly painted buildings. This is pretty common to see here.


This gate is across the street from our house.


And this house looks like it’s had a lot of faces over the years. Now it’s just waiting for the city to rebuild itself again.



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