Turning Two


So, last month had Emila turning two! I really don’t know where the time went. My memories from before she was born are so vivid, it seems like just yesterday. But as is often true with kids, I don’t actually remember yesterday… or the day before that. They all seem to muddle together anymore.

Anyway, her birthday crept up on me again with all the hustle and bustle. My best friend/cousin was visiting from the states for 10 days and we spent some time in Berlin until 3 days before. Then we were unpacking and doing laundry and tidying and recuperating for at least a day…probably more like two.

Last year, I wanted to make her birthday special because she was one and that only happens once. Plus she’s the first baby and who know how many parties I’ll be up for in the long haul of child raising.

turning two pictures

This year, I thought it’d be fun because she might actually start to understand what a birthday is. So the day before her birthday we did a little prep work. Bought a cake and some snacks for her kindergarten class. Bought some ingredients and ballons.

down on the farm turning two party

First off, Emila loves animals. She knows the names and the sounds but the actual interaction usually throws her for a loop. Ex. She loves the idea of a cat and starts to run toward them whenever she sees them saying ‘Ooo Cat!’ But if they start to come toward her, she turns tail and starts whimpering as if it were a lion approaching. Anyway, I thought a barn theme would be fun! She loves songs like Old McDonald and Bingo and pretty much any German song with an animal in it.

So, I cut out and painted a red barn as a prop… didn’t take long, maybe 30 minutes. I took the outline of the barn from a coloring page and penciled it in before painting it. There were a few dollar store horses galloping around the corral.

red cardboard barn turning two

I printed a floral and strawberry bunting and cut out letters to spell Happy Birthday.

happy birthday bunting

We collected all of Emila’s stuffed barn animals and ‘decorated’ the kitchen. Horses, owls, a bat, a few mice and sheep.

Even the food was farm themed but I might have been the only one to notice. The cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting… a little better than last year… Maybe I’ll have the scratch cake thing down by the time she turns 18. Then we had soup…sweet potato with carrots again. And a salad. All very ‘dig up your food from the ground before dinner.’

carrot cake

I almost had her in a denim jumper and bandana but she has too many pretty party dresses to waste a special occasion on every day clothes. But technically it was still plaid. Either way, this is how she ended the night with her new bike and awesome helmet. Fact: she thinks helmets are awesome all the time and would wear it as a fashion accessory if I let her.

turning two bike with helmet

Anyway, Emila thought it was cool that everyone was singing Happy Birthday to her and the present’s were fun to open and play with. But truly, the best part for her was that she was surrounded by people she loves and that love her. Turning two was a success!

turning two

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