Top 7 reasons I loved Malta


Last week we went on our first official holidays as a family to Malta. And it was so much fun!

There was exclusive family bonding time where the three of us only had to focus on the three of us. I think Emila really enjoyed it and I’m trying to stretch it out for as long as possible now that we’re home.


Here are the top 7 reasons I loved our holiday’s and why I would repeat them again.

1. Malta is a small island.

 This means you really can’t get that lost even if the road signs are atrocious. If you find yourself heading in the wrong direction (which happened to us at least half the time) just wait for a round about and try the next exit! Honestly though, in the off season, Malta is a secluded little oasis. I imagine there’s a lot more hustle and bustle in the summer months with all the festivals and tourists but we enjoyed the peace and quiet of late October.


IMG_0798 IMG_0826 IMG_0818

2. The Maltese people in general seem very friendly.

Like I said, we were in a constant state of being lost and frequently rolled down the window in the car to ask for directions. People were very willing to give them to us but some combination of broken English and maybe culture meant that the directions weren’t that helpful. One day we spent a few hours trying to get to the other side of the bay and asked so many people.


(from here…)



(…to here)

The answers ranged from, ‘Go to a’here, and make a right… and ask someone else because I’m not from a’here.’ to ‘Turn around and go through the arch and stay to the here until you see signs for this town. And my sister lives in the town. And you go all the way through and then you are there.’ And we honestly tried to follow but somethings get lost in translation.

3. The weather is warm anytime of year.

It was the best feeling to step off the plane from Frankfurt with out winter coats in hand and feel the warm breeze that first night. And we didn’t’ put our coats back on until we landed back in Frankfurt… I forgot and packed my shoes so I was wearing a fur hood and scarf with flip flops. Nothing new here.



4. The water is so blue and you’re surrounded by it no matter where you go. 


(Mellieħa Bay where we stayed for the week.)

The water was so warm even at the end of October and people were still swimming in it. 25 C or 77 F. If we went in the summer, I think we’d definitely make it more of a priority to take in the water sights. From caverns and rock archways to snorkeling and water jetpacks, the fun goes on.

5. Malta is seeped in so much history!

Going back 7,00 years, Malta boasts temples and ruins that are older than the pyramids.


(Roman foundations next to the old capital of Mdina.)


(Mdina, former capital city on the hill)


(Cave houses carved into the rocks. I can only guess how long they’ve been there but it makes me feel like I’m walking backwards in time.)


(The red tower was built as a watch tower in the 1600’s and was still used by the British during both World Wars.)


(Mo is re-enacting our wedding pictures here by trying to point to the tower.)

6. Malta is covered in elegant church buildings.

With about 150 churches across the tiny island, you can’t drive far without one popping into view…and they are beautiful.


(This one was found down a side road on our first day when we started exploring. )IMG_0387

(This Cathedral is in Mosta and is said to be one of the 3 biggest dome cathedrals in Europe. Pretty much the only thing this tiny town has to talk about. A lot of the churches will have 2 clocks, one telling the right time and one the wrong so as to confuse the devil about when the service will start.)


(Here’s the dome from the inside.)IMG_0443

(And this is a replica of a bomb that crashed through the dome during WWII. Even though the church was full as it was during a service, the bomb didn’t detonate and no one was hurt. )



(Tiny chapel in Mosta.)  IMG_0479 IMG_0526

(Cathedral in the old city of Mdina.)IMG_0780

(Church in the Three Cities that you can see across the waterfront from Valetta.)


(Cathedral in Mellieħa just up the really steep hill from where we stayed.)IMG_0411

(And the back side, which we saw a lot of as we went most days to the play ground. Emila is addicted to swings right now.)


(And the view from the other direction at the playground. You can see the apartment where we stayed to the left on the bay. It’s more pink than the rest of the buildings.)

7. Malta claims a variety of culture and simple life.


(In Valetta, the capital city.)IMG_0807

(There’s still some influence of their time of colonization by the British before they became their own country.)IMG_0805

IMG_0396 IMG_0523 IMG_0770 IMG_0781

(For people who love to see unique doors (my mom) Malta is full of streets and streets of them.)


(Malta has a lot of color amongst the rock and brick walls.)



(The city of Sliema as viewed from the waterfront in Valetta.)  IMG_0720

(I just thought this sign was ironic and sweet.)


(Fun architecture in Valetta) IMG_0618 IMG_0615 IMG_0608


(One day we went to a local pumpkin festival. All the food was made with pumpkin and was pretty tasty. The local kids did a break dance performance on stage in between a band that sang country western complete with plaid and cowboy boots.)IMG_0524 IMG_0520 IMG_0483

(Here’s just some of the elegance in the old city of Mdina. While a few people still live here, it’s fun a imagine how it would’ve been in it’s hay day.)

Over all, it was a great vacation full of fun and family time.


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