8 top tips for a day in Philly!

8 top tips for philly

So while we were in the States we thought we’d take a day trip to Philly with the girls for a little family bonding time. It was simple enough, we just walked a rectangle, hitting up some of the more popular sights with a few new to us. We still made it home in time for dinner!

So here are a few tips we’d offer:

train to philly

1. Take the train.

We took the train from Haddonfield, NJ because you don’t have to pay for parking and you come out right in the middle of the city without having to negotiate traffic. Win, win!


You get a great view of Camden just before crossing the bridge. This is their city motto which is a line from a Walt Whitman poem. He lived in Camden county at some point in his life. It’s pretty fitting I guess.

8th and market

We came out at Market and walked straight up toward City Hall. BTW, he’s a great multi-tasker.

Chinatown2. Check out Chinatown for good food and interesting souvenirs.

We took a small detour and passed this Vietnamese restaurant we ate at the first time we came together two years ago.

Reading Terminal Market

3. Pass through Reading Terminal Market at lunch hour.

Of course we had to stop by Reading Terminal Market. Always busy but full of a variety of yummy food! Not super condusive to sitting with babies but we just walked through, people watched and grabbed a baguette to share until lunch time.


This is Olivia’s go to face and I promise this isn’t Emila’s. She actually loved walking through the city and looking at all the busyness going on.

city hall

4. Check out City Hall.

They have a Christmas Tree in the center where you walk through in the Winter. Also, on the left is the old Wanamaker building. We go there to watch the light show every Christmas and when we were little you could eat in this fancy dinning hall upstairs called the Corinthian room. Sadly, it’s no longer open but still a fun memory.  And there’s old William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, standing at the top.


5. Wawa.

When you come to Philly as a tourist, you must get a Cheesesteak. But as a former native and vegetarian that wasn’t top on my list. So we google mapped Wawa (Mo’s obsessed with the Buffalo Chicken sandwich) because as ‘out of towner’s’ we can’t get enough. Plus it’s fast and easy for babies when you don’t have time for a full sit down restaurant. This one was huge! It even had places to sit and eat by the windows and their own security guard.

ten thousand

6. We walked down Walnut Street

and passed this, one of my favorite stores back in Lancaster. All the items they sell are handmade and fair trade from around the world. They give opportunities for artists to reach an audience they never would in their own country.

washington square park

7. Stop at a park for a break from walking.

We stopped at Washington Square to eat our sandwiches. There were at least 5 or 6 wedding photo shoots going on in the half hour that we were there. Apparently it’s a pretty picturesque location!  On top of that, it’s right across the street from a few of our countries major attractions in history…


8. We passed by Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

which we should go back to when the girls are older I think. I even had to look up what the Bells’ significance was…Don’t look at the history major! Philly is so historical though, and sometimes it kind of slips past me that I have so easy access to something so huge!


By 4:30 we were on our way back home again and even made it time for MomMom’s dinner! As soon as we were in the car Emila took her very delayed nap which was perfect for sitting in rush hour traffic. Both girls had a great day and I think we did too!

*This list is by no mean all inclusive. There are tons of things to do and see in Philly! This is just our one day of fun!

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