9 tips on your journey to Self Discipline


Self Discipline. It means doing what you need to despite your emotions.

If you struggle, hope is not lost! You can develop self discipline. Like a muscle, you need a little self discipline to build self discipline. Start small with one or a few little goals and build habits to get you to bigger goals. Accomplish, then increase. Don’t overachieve to soon or you’ll fall on your face.

Discipline isn’t a natural trait in anyone to begin. It’s not easy but we must face the pain.

Right now,the topic of self-discipline is coming around again for me. As life changes and responsibilities shift, it can be difficult to maintain good habits. So, now’s the time to re-evaluate and start fresh! No day is better than today! No time is better than right this second! What a cheerleader, right? But reality is about putting actions to words. It’s about walking the talk.

Being self-disciplined is all up to us. No body else is going to come in and save you. No body else can make you self-disciplined. The decision is in you.


So what are some practical things we can practice on our journey to self discipline?

  1. Figure out your small goal. What do you want to be disciplined at? Fitness? Waking early? Find out what you can not compromise on in order to reach your end result.

  2. Visualize. Map out what your goal looks like. Write it down. If your goal is getting up when the alarm clock goes off  try  to lay in bed in the middle of the day with your alarm clock set. Jump out of bed when it goes off. You’ll be surprised how that actual practice will affect you when it comes tomorrow morning. (We did try this method the other day. Emila thought we were nuts.)

  3. Make a plan. I have to do lists all the time just to dump everything out of my head and start fresh. But  in the end it’s 50 things to do and I check off just 1 or 2 by the end of the day. Set priorities of what’s the most important. Do the thing you’re dreading most first. Set specific times to do your goals. I set a timer to know how long I have and so I don’t get distracted.  Stay realistic or you’ll get discouraged.

  4. Try new methods to overcome old problems. By acknowledging a problem and not finding a new solution, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Like mom always says, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result. Get someone to hold you accountable.

  5. Take it serious! Talking is easy, but using words without action to back it up is more than counterproductive. You’ll start to not be able to trust your words even to yourself. You word should be your bond. Don’t make false promises, even to yourself. Commit to doing your goal no matter how much your body tries to resist in the moment.

  6. Realize the excuses that you use, even to yourself. ‘I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Then when you start to use the excuse again, you’ll see it for what it really is and know you have to move past it.

  7. Review your progress. What went well and not so much? How can you fix the problems to make tomorrow even better than today? Keep an account of how far you’ve already come to keep you motivated.

  8. Think about the positives of accomplishing a goal. Keep the good feelings in the front of your mind to remember for those times you struggle.

  9. Know that it takes time and effort. Self-discipline doesn’t happen overnight. The point is that you keep trying even if you don’t always make it.

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