Peace transcends understanding


The peace of God that transcends understanding.

This verse keeps popping up in my life right now so I figured it’s probably for a reason and maybe I should try to remember it more often. So often I am confused by life and what is happening around me and why. But God is there. And He gives peace. And his peace is goes far beyond my understanding.
Charles Stanley says God’s peace and presence are sure and immovable. And all we have to do is ask with thanksgiving.  So here it goes… my goal for the week is to post this around the house and read it and understand it at least 5 times a day. Report back later.

update: this verse has been a theme in our house this whole year I’d say. It’s been hanging on the shelf behind the kitchen table in clear view each time we sit at a meal. Anxiety that was so common is replaced with prayer and a relationship with a Father we can trust. It’s not a new phenomenon for me but a reminded of His faithfulness even when we fade away for a season.

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