We just spent three months with my family in the States. It was great and so busy. From day one there was a wedding,  then Halloween, my sisters birthday, my mother’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Olivia’s birthday, my mother-in-law’s birthday, a week in New York, Christmas, New Years, extended family coming flying in and out multiple times, second Christmas and all the jumble of regular life in between.

We had planned to use the time to get focused on some work projects and we did make some progress. Now, we’re home and have to re-adjust after a 30 hour journey home. Somehow we ended up with a 12 hour layover in Portugal which was awful to think about but worked out pretty well considering. Nevertheless, I hope to never do that again with two babies 2 and under.

Anyway, getting started on these projects means a lot of time for me spent in the ‘office’ AKA the entry way to our apartment.


This picture was taken the first week I moved here and I really couldn’t find another since then.

To be honest, it’s never been my favorite place in the house. I usually end up in the kitchen because it’s cozier. But with old projects ending and new one’s beginning, we were able to take out some of the big pieces of furniture(not shown here) and revamp the area a little.


For one, I think that retro stained glass is fun in a way but also terrible. I can never figure out if I love it or hate it. But it doesn’t allow much light in, so it’s typically a pretty dark room. We brightened it up with a lot of lighter colored furniture and a ‘curtain’ from Ikea’s fabric department that was selling for 1Euro a meter.


I bought a little can of chalkboard paint and painted this frame to fill in a blank spot on the wall.


We brought up the smaller table from the basement since the big desk usually just gets cluttered with extra stuff anyway.

This under the stairs space is really hard to fit a typical frame under, plus the cement walls are horrible for hammering nails. So here goes the clothes line look. 

I love these prints from etsy and have been looking for the perfect place to put them. Tada!

I made a pencil cup from a baby food jar and lace.

Growing things are my favorite. I wish I was better at keeping things alive but that’s supposed to be the good thing about succulents, right? Water once a week.

Watercolor prints are beautiful. Makes me want to paint!

It’s nice to have some open space here to organize. Next step is that wall…

So this house is pretty old.

Like, ‘used to be a villa and part of it was destroyed in the war’ old. It’s funny how it’s become home in the last years. And it’s funny how you come to care about something the more energy you put in.