My Dublin


For 15 months of my life, I lived in Dublin, Ireland…my dream.

Since I was young, Ireland was pretty much at the top of the list of places that I would love to visit. The history, the green, the friendly people, the accent all drew me in. So when I heard of an opportunity to volunteer doing the work I already loved in Dublin, I jumped at the chance.

It was the best 15 months of my life to that point. I met and became friends with people from all around the world; people I never would’ve had the chance to interact with otherwise. It was an experience like non other!

I lived on the outskirts of Dublin. It was a community made of disabled ‘core members’ and assistants who hailed from near and far. Often, it was challenging (for me more mentally than physically) but they say that makes the experience all the more worthwhile. I believe I will take lessons learned here through the rest of my life. It’s been over a year since I came left Dublin but the memories still pop into my head regularly…





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