He makes all things new

you make all things new

He makes all things new.

Just a reminder for those days when you feel dragged down and weary. God makes all things new. All your burdens? You can put them down. Because He makes you new. Every broken relationship, He can make new. Every broken heart, He can make new. It’s a truth. God, You make all things new.

There are days when I feel like my life is just ragged fragments and I’m just holding on because my lungs continue to pump air whether I tell them to or not. When it feels like I’m going through the same struggle over and over, I can trust that He makes all things new.  And if I allow God, He is working in me.

The fact is that this world is not our end destination. When we die we can go to heaven and there we will be perfect. All the old struggles and imperfections will be gone!

But until then we are being sanctified. It’s a hard process and one you need to continue daily and sometimes minute to minute. But God will help you when you pray to Him.

Watch and see the difference it makes in your relationship to have a regular dialogue with God!

From personal experience I can say that God is alive and active in our lives. If you trust Him you will see His power!

Someday, this world will pass away but the part that makes us human will continue on. Depending on the choices you make now, in this life, you can be made completely new, completely whole in God.

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