What does a grateful heart look like?



So, we know we should be thankful all of the time. And we are reminded over and over throughout November that this is the month to be super thankful or at least more aware. But I find that even with the reminder of Thanksgiving I struggle.

I go around knowing that I should be thankful. But I forget to take the time to stop and process the actual thought of what am I truly thankful for. Who am I thankful to? How does gratitude really play a part in my life, now and every day?grateful

So it’s funny that Mom and Dad decided to do a small devotional the other day and day two (last night) talked about gratitude. It brought up Philippians 4:6. I think this is truly our life chapter since if seems to come up some way or another almost every day.

The verse says that we shouldn’t be anxious but instead we should pray and ask God our requests with thanksgiving! When we’re taught to count our blessings as little kids it often comes out as ‘thanks getting’ or being thankful for physical stuff.

But actually, we are to learn how to be thankful in every situation. Good health and bad, prosperity and poverty.

There’s a story about Corrie Ten Boom when she was in the concentration camp, that her sister even thanked God for the fleas that infested their quarters. Corrie wasn’t ready to go that far, until one day they realized their room was largely ignored by soldiers and they were left alone because of those same fleas.

So here is my ‘thankful for’ list:

  • Grace when I mess up, that it’s not the end of the line.
  • God’s faithfulness when I fail and his blessing of change in my life.
  • Struggles and reminders that keep me humble.
  • Growth I never could have imagined.
  • Encouragement of others and the ability to live my faith without persecution.
  • A life I never expected and for a God whose plans are so much better than mine.
  • Seasons and the expectation of holidays.
  • I’m thankful for the abundant love of God and how He shows me through the people in my life.

I hope this season doesn’t pass without taking the time to remember and give thanks. And I hope it’s a reminder that sticks throughout the year.

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