Christmas Gift Organizer


So we’re all getting in the holly, jolly spirit here because it’s the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!!! Ack, I can’t believe time is flying so fast!

We’ve been so busy in the last two months and it seems like there are so many ‘extras’ that the regular stuff gets pushed to the side. December will be no different. I’m so thankful to have my family all around me these days. With Christmas coming, we have tons of activities planned for the next weeks.

That means, I need to start on my Christmas shopping now!

christmas gift organizer

Staying organized at Christmas might sound impossible but it’s not!

Keeping everything straight in my brain is almost impossible these days. I made this little Christmas Gift Organizer to help me out. That means I can keep track of who I need to buy for, what I want to get them, where and how much is it going to cost. Then, I can check it off when it’s been purchased and wrapped.

Here’s a free copy for you if you’re anything like me and need help keeping these things straight.


Christmas Gift Organizer

So here to wishing you an joyful Christmas and a completed list before Christmas Eve!

If you’re still trying to get in the Christmas Spirit, check out some of these awesome Advent ideas!

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I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

Right now I'm working on a Culture Expedition project with my family to learn more about different places in the world and the people that live there.
I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.
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