Fall chestnut centerpiece


This week was a little busy and the weather was pretty dreary. Today I was just feeling a little drained. So while Olivia was napping, I worked on a fall project to try to perk myself up.


While we were taking a walk in the woods the other day, we found a good chestnut spot. I never saw a chestnut tree at home but here they’re pretty common. Collecting them is kind of a fall tradition.

So this is just my kind of makeshift autumn centerpiece for the next few weeks.

Chestnut Centerpiece:


I had limited time (Olivia’s down to one nap a day) and resources so I made a wreath form out of a cardboard cutout circle. I duct taped around plastic bags on the top to make it puffy. Maybe not so perfect or professional but it worked for me.


Then I just glued the chestnuts all around trying to keep them really tight. I think if I were to do it again, I’d glue leaves down first so you wouldn’t see the tape so much. But from a glance, it’s not the noticeable. Tip of the day: if you’re using a small candle make sure it’s tall enough that it doesn’t catch anything on fire!

And tomorrow, Emila and I are going to try to make some fun creatures!


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