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Kids and Berlin? Definitely!


Berlin has a huge history and a sometimes sad one. Known for their years of division with a wall and split by Communism they’ve had less time than most European capitals to make a name for themselves as a touristic hotspot. Nonetheless, they’ve done a pretty good job! Berlin is known more for it’s night life but […]


Where Bach was music director


Living in the same city where Bach lived and worked as music direct is pretty amazing besides that it’s not the only famous history to have taken place here. We pass this church all the time but I wanted to grab a picture the other day since it was so beautiful out! When I looked through […]


8 top tips for a day in Philly!

8 top tips for philly

So while we were in the States we thought we’d take a day trip to Philly with the girls for a little family bonding time. It was simple enough, we just walked a rectangle, hitting up some of the more popular sights with a few new to us. We still made it home in time for […]


Traveling on a budget with Airbnb!


Last month my best friend came to visit us which I was so excited about. Of course we wanted to see some attractions in the area and not just stay home…that’s the whole point of traveling! So we decided to go to Berlin for a few days. Finding a place to stay with babies. Traveling […]


Top 7 reasons I loved Malta


Last week we went on our first official holidays as a family to Malta. And it was so much fun! There was exclusive family bonding time where the three of us only had to focus on the three of us. I think Emila really enjoyed it and I’m trying to stretch it out for as […]


My move to Germany (August 2014)

baby's first flight to germany

New Life in Old Germany.


A Walk Through Leipzig


A small walk through Leipzig shows signs of the history. Old and new collide.


My Dublin


For 15 months of my life, I lived in Ireland…my dream.


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I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

Right now I'm working on a Culture Expedition project with my family to learn more about different places in the world and the people that live there.
I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.
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