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What does a grateful heart look like?


Thanksgiving! So, we know we should be thankful all of the time. And we are reminded over and over throughout November that this is the month to be super thankful or at least more aware. But I find that even with the reminder of Thanksgiving I struggle. I go around knowing that I should be thankful. But I […]

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Forgive Seventy Times Seven

seventy times seven

To forgive is not an easy topic yet it is a part of everyone’s daily life. We are told to forgive a person even as many as seventy times seven times. Whether you choose to exercise it or not has dramatic effects on your attitude, your interactions with others, your mental health, your physical health […]

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He makes all things new

you make all things new

He makes all things new. Just a reminder for those days when you feel dragged down and weary. God makes all things new. All your burdens? You can put them down. Because He makes you new. Every broken relationship, He can make new. Every broken heart, He can make new. It’s a truth. God, You […]

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No pit so deep…


Corrie Ten Boom was a Dutch Christian during World War II. She helped many Jews escape in that time of Nazi persecution. I remember reading her story when I was young and watching part of ‘The Hiding Place’ before my grandmother made me turn it off for being too sad. But when I saw this quote […]

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This World Is Not Our Home

this world is not our home

What are we living for? Sometimes, and really, almost all of the time I am thinking about my life here on earth. I get caught up in the day to day. In keeping on top of the laundry and the dishes and making the house tidy. I get caught up in my surroundings, in the trivial […]

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Resolution follow through: Day 5

psalm 5:11-12 new years resolution

Having a daily quiet time or reading through the Bible in a year is a pretty common resolution for those who consider these things important. Often, it’s difficult to maintain this goal over the full year unless you are super disciplined or have some kind of structured plan or accountability to help along the way. […]

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Peace transcends understanding


The peace of God that transcends understanding. This verse keeps popping up in my life right now so I figured it’s probably for a reason and maybe I should try to remember it more often. So often I am confused by life and what is happening around me and why. But God is there. And He gives […]

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