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Beauty of Imperfection (Olivia’s birthday)


So, I guess I’ve fallen into that category of people that wish for the Pinterest perfect life… …and yet I fall so short! I’d love to whip up a beautiful party like a piece of cake. But then my piece of cake turns into this… I took a picture of this disaster hoping that I’d […]


Making Memories List


So this is sort of a bucket list but more of a making memories list. These aren’t so much my ‘life goals’ as just things I think would make for fun experiences and it would be cool to make memories with my people. Some form of this list has been hanging around since I was probably 15 […]


10 tips for flying with babies


We made it home! I don’t know how, but we’re here and we survived! Actually, flying with babies isn’t as bad as you might think. Yes, I still get a little tense with anticipation but I’m trying to learn to take it easy.  It helps to have a great team partner to bounce off of when it gets […]


390 questions that will change your world

360 questions

There is a study that says mother’s are asked more questions than anyone in the world, even over political leaders. For kids between the age of 2 and 10, the average is 23 questions an hour. 4 year old girls are the most inquisitive with 390 questions a day! With two girls, I have so […]


Why eating together is so important


Meal times with my family are my favorite parts of the day. Even if the babies are still little, I love that we all sit around and talk with each other. I love to see them growing and developing and it’s usually never more obvious than when we’re eating together at the table. I think […]


What is Children’s Day around the world?

kid eating ice cream

Today is children’s day in Leipzig. Emila went into kindergarten early because they are having a special breakfast and celebrations throughout the day. Sounds like a good deal to me! Technically, as a reunited Germany, Children’s Day is acknowledged on September 20th and public events still take place on that day. But privately most parents […]


Turning Two


So, last month had Emila turning two! I really don’t know where the time went. My memories from before she was born are so vivid, it seems like just yesterday. But as is often true with kids, I don’t actually remember yesterday… or the day before that. They all seem to muddle together anymore. Anyway, her […]


Auld Lang Syne: Welcome the New Year

it's a wonderful life

For auld lang syne my dear I think I first realized this song when I used to watch It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas time as a girl. It became my favorite Christmas movie and I’d try to watch it every year. I love this song…It’s such a sweet melody and sentiment to say goodbye to […]


Hospitality and a Big Table


What does true hospitality look like? ‘When you have more than you need, build a bigger table not a higher fence.’ This quote has been on my mind a bit since I first saw it. I think it speaks to generosity and hospitality. I tend to be a more private person that likes to have […]


Anticipating Advent!!!


So Christmas is coming soon enough and I love this time of year! It’s so festive and I love the feeling of anticipation for the actual day. And that’s really what Advent is all about. Since I was little, it’s feels like I’ve just been in the struggle between remembering the ‘reason for the season’ and getting […]


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I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.

Right now I'm working on a Culture Expedition project with my family to learn more about different places in the world and the people that live there.
I'm Kari, I blog about travel, faith, health, my family, etc.
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