Make Your Own Cardboard Nativity

make your own cardboard nativity

So I’m very excited for Christmas here and starting new traditions with my babies. But all of my Christmas collection including my nativity is in a box in New Jersey. And the Christmas season doesn’t start in Germany until December.

My parents are coming the 6th of December but that’s just too long to wait and by that point who knows how much time will be left.

The other day we cleaned out the attic a bit to make room for old baby clothes and found about a hundred empty boxes that we got full of jerky in the last year and a half. Perfect chance to try some cardboard craft ideas!

So I’m trying my own homemade version of the nativity ¬†based on printed characters and cardboard.

I built the stable in just about 20 minutes with scissors and glue. It wasn’t that hard to figure out a shape. If the box was the right size to begin with it would have been even less time. all it really required was the A line roof which held on pretty well with the glue I had. I guess gorilla glue or something along that line would work best.


I printed out a sheet of characters…there are many options out there depending on your style. Then I just glued them to a cereal box and cut them out with a flat bottom. It just took a few more cuts to make triangle stands from the box, fold them on one line and glue to the backs of the characters.

Here’s the printable I found.


So simple! Emila loved them when I brought them out at play time. She repeated all the names after me and kept moving the pieces around trying to get them to stand up. The nice part is that I didn’t spend that much time on this project so I don’t mind if they get a little crumpled. But so far they’ve held up pretty well for a 20 month old!


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