Beauty of Imperfection (Olivia’s birthday)


So, I guess I’ve fallen into that category of people that wish for the Pinterest perfect life…

…and yet I fall so short! I’d love to whip up a beautiful party like a piece of cake. But then my piece of cake turns into this…


I took a picture of this disaster hoping that I’d eventually be able to look back and laugh. And now I can thank goodness.

This cake was pretty symbolic of Olivia’s first birthday. I tried to put a few nice things together for a simple family gathering. All I ended up with was stress and tears.

First there was the simple frame I wanted to paint white and hang picture off. Turned out we had the wrong kind of paint and it would take a few days to dry instead of a few hours.

Then the cake crumbled into pieces when I tried to ice it. Gross.

The pictures I’d carefully set up to look like polaroids like I’d done at Emila’s first birthday came out cropped weird and at odd angles.

The internet went out which kept me from a few extra idea’s I’d wanted to print from online.

In the end, we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory which was great. The food was delicious and Olivia got to open her presents. Emila got a few ‘sister’s day’ presents as well, one being a package of Peppa Pig undies. She was so excited, she was throwing them in the air and almost threw them to the table behind us.

Afterwards, I’d hoped to get a few family pictures in while we walked downtown, but then it started to pour rain.

I knew that it didn’t really matter if it was a beautiful party. It wasn’t as if we had tons of guests and Olivia certainly wouldn’t remember but I really just wanted to make it a little special.

When I looked back on it, I had to think that it was all a sign to me, to relax a little bit and go with the flow. I’ve discovered that I need a little (a lot of)  work in this area. My patience runs too thin these day.

birthday girl

A month later we had a second go at Olivia’s birthday when the rest of my family was there.

I still wanted my perfect day. And although it went much better, I realized that I just need to let go of somethings. Not everything is going to look like a perfect picture. And it’s ok.

The day was about family celebrating the life of a little girl. A rare opportunity for the majority of my family to be together.


Mo had just been reading that day about a Japanese phrase, Wabi-sabi’ that means ‘the beauty of imperfection.’ He repeated it a lot that day and it’s been a good reminder. No I don’t think Wabi-Sabi is talking about that cake, but maybe more the whole situation and learning process.

I know there’s this whole anti-pinterest movement and while I don’t want to stop trying to make things special, I do want to learn to accept my life for what it is and appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

It’s definitely something I’m trying to work on. Not to look at the imperfection of my messy life as something bad, but to hold the important things as special.

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