Where Bach was music director

Living in the same city where Bach lived and worked as music direct is pretty amazing besides that it’s not the only famous history to have taken place here. We pass this church all the time but I wanted to grab a picture the other day since it was so beautiful out! When I looked through my photo albums I realized I often take pictures here.

The History of Bach and St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

This is the Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a music director and where he is buried. He died in 1750. Longer than America has been a unified nation! He had been buried at a different church in Leipzig but his bones were moved here when that church was bombed during the second world war.
thomaskirche2 (1)
This church building has been here for 520 years and Martin Luther even preached here on Pentecost Sunday in 1539.
In 1943, the church tower was damaged in an Allied bombing raid on Leipzig.
thomaskirche (1)
The current altar inside the church was taken from another church in Leipzig that was destroyed by Communist authorities in the 60’s.
Across from the Bach monument is statue of the composer Mendelssohn who worked as a director of the Orchestra. It had been taken down from its former location by Nazi’s in 1936 because of his Jewish background.
On top of all that, the Thomaskirche is the home of the Thomanerchor, a well known boys choir throughout Germany founded in 1212 AD and directed at one point by Bach himself. Some (my mother-in-law) say they sound like angels singing.
This building at the city’s center; how many people has it seen passing by and passing through its doors? If walls could talk… the stories the Thomaskirche could tell.


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