Auld Lang Syne: Welcome the New Year

it's a wonderful life

For auld lang syne my dear

I think I first realized this song when I used to watch It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas time as a girl. It became my favorite Christmas movie and I’d try to watch it every year.

I love this song…It’s such a sweet¬†melody and sentiment to say goodbye to old days past. The song was brought together by Robert Burns, a Scotsman which makes it seem even more dear to me.

auld lang syne

Every year I listen to this song and think about everything that’s happened in the last 365 days.

I mark how much has changed and look at my old goals. They don’t always get accomplished in the time frame I had set aside. But it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come and how writing down a goal makes it more real.

I look at the relationships that have changed. Those that have faded and those that have become stronger.

And then we look forward in anticipation for what’s to come. We write down new goals and picture how we are going to accomplish them. We hope this will be the year were we will become better people.[wpdevart_youtube]9FwS4SQSlfc[/wpdevart_youtube]

Take a moment to listen and reflect on the past and dream of the future. Happy New Year!

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